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We are a driven group of individuals with experience as Minecraft server hosts whose sole purpose is to ensure the best possible experience for everyone, from the features we offer to the support we provide. With over 100,000 customers served for Minecraft hosting, VPS cloud hosting, and more.


Our Minecraft server hosting is made to be affordable, reliable and trusted by thousands of server owners. We provide instant setup and a customized control panel that will make your server management easier.


QualityNode has been hosting various game servers since 2013. We also host virtual and dedicated servers, voice servers, and more. Minecraft server hosting starts at just $2.49/month


ServerMiner is the leader in Minecraft Server Hosting. With outstanding support and a feature packed Minecraft control panel called SMpicnic, it's no wonder we are the number one choice for thousands of gamers. We set the standards which others can only imitate!


TigerNode was founded early April 2016 in an effort to provide high quality servers at a reasonable price. We focus on providing the most reliable high performance servers with a great support system in hopes of raising the bar.