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Powerful Analytics

The most advanced analytics platform for your server. Empowering you with every detail of your playerbase within any date specified. Giving you the insight needed to grow your business.

Multi Platform Support

The Statscraft platform is compatible with all the latest versions of Spigot, Bukkit, & Bungeecord. Powerful & efficient for servers & networks of any size.

Always Available

You and your subusers can view your server statistics from any device, from any location, at anytime.

What can you do with Statscraft?

The most powerful Minecraft analytics platform.

Track all of this, within any date-range specified.

  • Track Player Count
  • Compare New vs Returning Players
  • Find Top Player Locations
  • Find Peak Player Time
  • Find Average Play Time

It goes even deeper...

  • Player Lookup
  • Find your most valuable players
  • Count the number of any player's sessions
  • Find any player's first and last session
  • Find any player's average play time

Even more power...

  • Track Server Health
  • CPU & RAM Usage
  • Average TPS

Statscraft Support


It is our mission to help you grow your server.

We want to help aspiring server owners gain better insight about their players to grow their server. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any help you may need.

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